In October 2009, Dr. Victor joined with a team from Southgate Baptist Church to minister to orphans and other children and their families associated with the House of Laughter and Kosovo Leadership Academy in war torn Mitrovika, Kosovo.  We were able to work along side Nadine Hennesey, who started the House of Laughter in 2001 in order to meet the needs of children orphaned by the war in Kosovo in 1999.

It was encouraging to be able to serve these incredibly loving and caring children by performing cleanings, fillings, and surgical extractions.  The Kosovar people are very appreciative of the American men and women who helped then gain their independence and alleviate the genocide associated with the Balkan War.  In fact, when the House of Laughter opened 3 days after September 11, 2001, many of the Kosovars said that while they may not be able to do much, they can give their blood in return for the American blood that was shed in order to help provide them their freedoms.  So they gratefully lined up and participated in local Red Cross blood drives in support of the 9/11 efforts.