Professional Cleanings

image5Professional cleanings have been shown to be the single most effective way to reduce cavities and gum diseases.   Studies have shown that plaque and tartar begin with a bacterial biofilm that begins to build up on our teeth after just 12 hours.  That’s why Dr. Victor recommends brushing and flossing at least twice a day, which disrupts the formation of the bacterial biofilm before it can begin to adhere.

image6However, most people are unable to completely remove these biofilms, so over time they begin to become thicker and thicker plaques, and eventually can begin to mineralize into hard tartar or “calculus”.  Professional cleanings remove these plaques, tartars, and biofilms, and allow the patient to start over again without any buildup.  Polishing after a cleaning is one of Dr. Victor’s favorite things about going to the Dentist because of the “squeaky clean” feeling he gets afterwards.