image28Veneers are wafer thin porcelain covers that are bonded or cemented onto the front of teeth to create a new cosmetic appearance. If teeth are discolored, worn, slightly chipped or misaligned, a dental veneer inlay could be the next step towards having a picture perfect smile. Thanks to the new technology in cements and bonding agents, porcelain veneers can be firmly bonded to teeth creating a durable and strong restoration. In addition, porcelain veneers are stain resistant, providing a longer lasting white smile that looks and feels natural.

Similar to crowns, it will usually take two visits to get cosmetic porcelain veneers in place. During the first visit, the tooth will be prepared for the veneer, an impression taken, and a temporary placed.  The impression will then be sent to a dental laboratory, which will fabricate the restoration to Dr. Victor’s specifications.  At the second appointment, the temporary will be removed and the veneer will be permanently cemented into location.

image27If well taken care of, veneers can be a long lasting restoration. However, biting hard items, not maintaining good oral hygiene, as well as exposing dental veneers to excessive forces may result in them coming loose or breaking. Although porcelain veneers themselves resist staining, the cement on the edges can still take in stains, so be careful when drinking staining agents and brush and floss properly to help keep this from happening.